Strategic Supply Management

Supply chain management: The design, planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply-chain activities to create net value.

About Us. BioSource is a North American-based supply chain management corporation providing service solutions to short-term and long-term strategic commodities. The company aspires to ensure the investigation and improvement of raw material sourcing for its Partners. We aim to fill the gap in specialized procurement & recruitment. Our goal is to comprehend the needs and improvement opportunities in the supply chain.



We take pride in offering brilliant services to our clients, ensuring customer satisfaction, profitability, and growth.


Our work is our passion, hence we go the extra mile to deliver the best we can.


Integrity is the definining quality of our people and our work. We aspire to do the right thing no matter what it takes. We believe in doing it the best way even when no one is watching.

Transporation and Logistics

Clients have a variety of freight and dispatching needs. Working with dedicated freight logistics teams to efficiently and effectively handle the coordinating and timely delivery of goods.

BioSource Corp coordinates various logistics related services such as:

Transportation of any commodities consumed regularly (FMCG)
Transporation of Intermodal and Export shipments.
Transportation of agricultural commodities and raw forest products.
We aim to re-imagine customers specific needs by providing top-notch services with utmost commitment, research and quality.
We want to provide a smooth experience to your corporation by providing quality raw material and standing in the gap as representative.

5 Keys to a Successful Partnership

  1. BioSource is a strategic third party procurement group serving as our clients exclusive representative.
  2. Specific needs will be listened to and recruited leaving the Supply Chain Management to BioSource.
  3. Increasing the bottom line by capitalizing on logistics and procurement efficiencies.
  4. Quality Control is targeted and continuously monitored.
  5. Integrity, Commitment, Trust

Are you ready? —

Let's get started. Our goal is to Comprehend the needs and improvement opportunities in the supply chain...